Bring life-long learning to your shop floor now

Optimo connects learning and career growth to business opportunities through a skill wallet app with peer to peer skill-development, to future-proof your industrial workforce.

“Pressure to perform trumps our need to learn”

Head of production

“We need a reskilling revolution”

Create an environment where employees want to learn and generate innovation.

“How do I figure out the talents of my team?”

Easily show your workforce what opportunities are out there and empower them to learn.

“Understanding the big picture of production processes is challenging”

Create transparency and show the interconnectedness and entrepreneurial thinking.

Skill wallet is the app to connect learning to opportunities

Update, organise and track your skills

Become an expert

Impactful innovation

Peer to peer trainings

Track your skills

Take a training

Request a demo with the Optimo team

Developing Future-ready skills with peer coaching.

Empower your industrial workforce.

Accelerate your digital transformation


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Together with our partners we constantly innovate to create the most valuable learning experience for our users.


The skill wallet will be tested under real life circumstances, allowing us to find out what we can improve.

User Interviews

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Get an overview

Typical roadmap with our customers

Test assumptions

Test assumptions based on our current App. This usually takes 1-2 months depending on the size of the company.

Develop app

Develop the most essential features with the customer. This usually takes one month.

Test the app with employees

Have weekly reviews from the employees. Five 30 min. interviews per week with employees. This takes 3 months.

Improve the app

Find out the impact our solution has and what is most important for the customer.